Leaders in research

To support the large variety of multidisciplinary research efforts within and outside of Washington University School of Medicine, leaders from the Clinical Outcomes Research Office collaborate closely.

Dr. Jay Piccirillo

Jay Piccirillo, MD

Renowned clinical epidemiologist Jay Piccirillo, MD is the founder and director of the Clinical Outcomes Research Office.

Dr. Dorina Kallogjeri

Dorina Kallogjeri, MD, MPH

Biostatistician Dorina Kallogjeri, MD, MPH is available to help investigators at the start of a project, when identifying the data required for a valid study, to the end of a project when it comes time to evaluate results.

Sara Kukuljan

Sara Kukuljan, RN, CCRC, PM-ACRP

Regulatory expert Sara Kukuljan, RN, CCRC, PM-ACRP assists with study design, grant writing, IRB protocol, and report writing as needed by the investigator.