The Clinical Outcomes Research Office supports the complete spectrum of clinical and translational investigations. The office assists with clinical trials, quality improvement, quality assessment, educational projects, behavioral interventions, drug and device trials, among others. 

Our difference

The Clinical Outcomes team brings biostatistical expertise with regulatory experience to drive valid methodology, and therefore valid, actionable results. The team assists from the initial definition of the project to its completion, or anywhere in between, as needed by the investigator. Our experts work as a team to help drive the validity of the outcomes.

Depending on the need of the investigator, the office can offer help from the very start, during the development of the hypothesis and study design, to methodology, to its completion, including assistance with analysis and reports. 

Our team also helps researchers with active projects outside of Washington University identify potential collaborators within Washington University.

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How we help

A diagram showing how the Office of Clinical Outcomes Research assists researchers, students and faculty